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Advantages Of Aeration On Soils

Aeration is mostly done using manual or mechanized equipment’s and tools which removes cores in the soil or changes the packing of soil particles, this improves perforations through the soils which enhances better penetration of water, air and nutrients in the soil.

Fertilizers are synthetic or natural materials added to the soil to increase yielding of plants and maybe added to the soil or the plant and it achieves this by providing nutrients to the soil or increasing aeration and water retention.

Maximum production of yield is achieved through supplying enough nutrients in the soil, improving aeration in the soil and water retention and is aeration can be done by adjustment of soil composition.

Potassium nutrients will help in soils aeration improving better movement of water, phosphorus increases fruiting and flowering while nitrogen helps in leaf growth of the plants and these are the nutrients needed in large quantities.

As much as fertilizers improve soils fertility and yield production, they should be applied regarding some factors like the type of soil and plants as some can make their own nutrients from the atmosphere like legumes.

Aeration keeps circulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide steady making it better for the plants growth as accumulation of this carbon dioxide retards growth and if it exceeds, the crop may die.

There are microorganisms in the soil and needs oxygen for survival and without better aeration the microbial activity slows down affecting the crop growth.

Poor aeration in the soil may lead to formation of toxic materials in the soil, this results to development of injurious substances such as ferrous oxide or carbon dioxide as these gases no way to get out; this might lead to abrupt dying of plant or affecting flowering of the crops.
Apart from increasing yields, fertilizers also promote healthy growth of crops and quality yields while other nutrients give the power of faster fertilization and seed development like phosphorus.

Survival of plants in cases of adequate rains to produce better yields can be increased by use of fertilizers containing potassium; these nutrients increase the ability of plants to hold water in between them by strengthening of stalks and straws.

Fertilizers improve soils fertility and texture which boots crop growth and this is best done by natural ones like manure which eradicate soil problems as they are non-toxic

Application of fertilizers and manures in the farm puts its aerated and fertile for a long period of time such that one needs not to put it in the next farming season even after cultivation.

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