Telltale Signs Your Pond Needs More Oxygen

Maintaining just the right environmental balance is vital to the health of a pond as well as any fish or plants who call it home. Oxygen is crucial to the process. Though this element occurs naturally in water, a number of factors can cause it to run a bit thin. Your pond is always ready and willing to tell you when this becomes an issue if you know which warning signs to be on the lookout for.

Algae Runs Amok

As oxygen is used, whether by people or other living things, certain byproducts like carbon dioxide are created. Unfortunately, water and this particular gas are among the primary materials algae needs to grow. When carbon dioxide content outweighs that of oxygen, algae become free to take over a pond, so if you see an unusual burst of algae, it’s a sure sign oxygen is low.

Overpowering Odor

Ponds are ecosystems, or living worlds all their own; as such, they have their own distinct life cycles. Plants die, and new ones grow; fish pass away as the next generation hatches from its eggs.

Coupled with fishes’ natural digestive processes and several other factors, all the resulting decay and bacteria generate a variety of gases easily capable of outranking oxygen levels. Foul odors ensue, giving you a clear indication of the need for more air in a pond.

Fish Come to Light

Fish tend to stay hidden as a general rule of thumb. They spend their days happily swimming around well below the surface of their watery homes with their gills taking in all the oxygen needed for survival.

Without adequate oxygen levels to draw from, fish are forced to look elsewhere, so they come to the pond’s surface for air. If you see your fish rising to the water’s surface gasping for breath, you can be fairly certain the natural oxygen supply is lacking.

While water is, by nature, partially made of oxygen, aquatic life needs a little extra to thrive. In the event these warning signs begin to show up in your pond, chances are its oxygen level has been depleted. Aerators go a long way toward preventing this issue, and living water aeration offers a broad selection of these vital tools in pond maintenance.

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