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Relocating to the Greater Savannah Area?

Savannah is a bustling city with major industrial employers and a thriving culture. The port is the fourth largest in the country for container shipping, and the largest producer of construction equipment in the world is in the city. This not only attracts thousands of tourists each year, it is also attractive to those wishing to relocate.

Reasons to Relocate

Career opportunities and a mild climate are considerable factors for those who need to start a career or continue to build one. People wishing to avoid harsh winters are also flocking to the Savannah area, which experiences only rare snowfall and few days with freezing temperatures. Several suburbs handle the increasing demand for housing, schools, and a short commute.

History is another draw. The architecture and landmarks have been in existence since the country was settled. Savannah played important roles in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Old neighbors have been restored, and the famed southern charm is exuded in the atmosphere.

Sports and Recreation

Professional sports teams in football, baseball, and basketball, along with a civic center that hosts over nine-hundred events annually, mark the city as an exciting place to live. Recreational opportunities abound within several parks and programs. This city is the perfect place for people seeking job opportunities and a plethora of activities and entertainment.

Where to Live?

The city proper is not an ideal place to enjoy peace and quiet, raise a family, or reduce stress and anxiety. Planned communities can often be just as noisy and hectic as the city itself. It is in the older suburb neighborhoods that people can benefit from the advantages of both worlds. One such suburb, Richmond Hill, is located on the coast and is only a thirty-minute commute from Savannah.

Cost of Living

One merely needs to research listings from any of the Richmond Hill Reators to discover that coastal living is available at most price points. Families can find homes that will fit into the budget. Executives and the wealthy will be delighted with luxury homes that include boat docks and water access.

Relocation can a daunting process, so finding a real estate agency up to a year before the date arrives will ensure a smooth transition. Housing options can be toured via the internet, and the family has time to explore homes that meet needs and desires.

Make Certain You Uncover The Proper Real Estate For Your Company

Finding the right building for a business could be challenging due to everything that must be considered. Businesses looking for a bigger work place would want to remember they’ll need to have space or room for each of the workers as well as for conferences and anything else they’ll require throughout a typical workweek. Corporations that are looking for MN commercial real estate for lease must look into exactly what they will want before they get started looking at the properties obtainable now.

Businesses nowadays ought to make certain they’ll have plenty of room for every little thing they’ll need today and also down the road. However, they will not likely desire to lease a building that is too large, as this could turn out costing them additional money over time. Rather, they’ll desire to take into consideration exactly how much room they will need to have for staff to be relaxed along with the size of the conference room they are going to need. Then, they need to add on a little bit more space to be able to support brand-new staff members as the organization grows. With plenty of commercial real estate for rent at this time, they should be in a position to locate exactly what they will have to have.

Companies can after that consider just where they will need to be located, as this will be important for many corporations today. They ought to make certain they’re near to where their own staff members are located in order to stay away from increasing commute times significantly. In case they’ll have clients visiting often, they need to make sure they may be centrally located so clients may discover them effortlessly. They might desire to ensure they may be located near to public transportation along with seek out Minnesota commercial real estate situated near dining places as well as other places so they’ll be sure they’ll have everything they could need to have in the area.

In case you happen to be wanting to get started seeking a brand new property to acquire, be sure you will contemplate just what you need to have in the building along with where it should be positioned. This will help you to uncover the proper property as rapidly as possible. If you are all set to begin checking out the properties that are available now, have a look at JGM Properties commercial real estate right now.

How Business Owners Are Increasingly Using Pinterest for Marketing and Public Relations

Pinterest has become a much-frequented social networking site dominated by female users. Yet men increasingly are signing up for the site, and owners of businesses both small and large are discovering the advantages of creating boards and Pins there. A real estate development company, for example, might have several reasons for building a Pinterest page. An example of how this works can be seen by viewing Kheng Ly on Pinterest.

Business Uses

A real estate development firm might want to call attention to its work in order to create interest in potential new clients. The firm also may want to showcase a building or complex under construction while renters or unit buyers are being sought. Pins about a luxury condominium connected with this company, for instance, may spark interest among property owners as well as men and women looking for a fantastic residential place to move to.

The User Base

Business owners who have learned about Pinterest’s user base are especially intrigued by the possibilities. Men now account for 40 percent of the new personal accounts, and business accounts are steadily on the rise. Analytics has found that some 80 percent of the users have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Many people consider the site to be more fun, less personally invasive, easier to use and less stodgy than other various networking options.

Sharing Pins

The encouragement of sharing Pins also is appealing to business owners, including real estate developers. It’s a quick, efficient and simple way to gain extra promotion and publicity about their organization, and their products and services. With Pinterest being viewed as a friendly, casual networking option, it provides the chance for businesses to be viewed as amiable and likeable. A certain sense of camaraderie due to common interests can be achieved.


Effective use of Pinterest also can enhance a company’s image and the impression of their brands. The postings on the site should be done with careful thought when marketing and reputation management are key goals. Positive imagery and messages combine to generate favorable feelings among those who view the page, and perhaps are inclined to re-pin.

Refugee Starts a New Life and Becomes One of the Region’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs

Those who have never viewed a Kheng Ly video may not know as much as they would like to know about this real estate developer and investor. Mr. Ly has made quite a name for himself over the years, and more and more people are becoming interested in his work. With this information, individuals will be able to discover more about this business professional and how he stopped at nothing to ensure success.

From Refugee to Entrepreneur

Kheng Ly lived in Cambodia as a child. It was not until the government upheaval in 1970 that his family began to suffer. Many Cambodians were killed during this time period, but Ly and his family were able to escape and enter a refugee camp where they resided for many years while waiting for Canada to accept them. It was in this camp where he met his beautiful wife and they started their life together.

In Cambodia, Ly was one of the youngest entrepreneurs. He had started a business selling cigarettes on the street to help support his family. He and his family arrived in Montreal when he was only seventeen. They were hopeful they would be able to start a new life and immediately went to work pursuing their dreams.

The Change Began to Occur

In 2000, Ly sensed a change was occurring in the industries he was employed with and he knew he was going to have to do something to continue succeeding. He started out on his career in real estate and has never looked back. In 2012, Kheng started a new business, naming it after his three children. The Brivia Group focuses on real estate development and investment.

Since the start of his company, he has greatly broadened his horizons in real estate with such projects as the YUL Condominiums. His dedication to hard work, honesty, and transparency have catapulted him and his company to success. As time goes on, it will be interesting to see how far his company goes and what real estate development projects will be coming up. It is clear Mr. Ly is a man on a mission.

The Unique Leader Fueling the Success of Montreal’s Brivia Real Estate Group

Montreal is a favorite destination for visitors who enjoy its combination of old-world charm, surrounding natural beauty, and upscale shopping areas. The city is also attracting new residents who are drawn to a series of elegant condominium projects built by the Brivia Group, a real estate development firm. Buyers are enticed by the buildings’ quality, amenities, and luxury. Brivia’s Kheng Ly is its founder and known for his impressive background, stunning rise in the business world and outstanding leadership.

Humble Beginnings Spurred an Adventurous Spirit

Even among all the impressive rags-to-riches stories in the business world, Kheng Ly’s history stands out. Born in Cambodia in 1971, he and his family survived the dangers of the country’s lethal political climate. Eventually fleeing to Vietnam, they lived in a refugee camp where the future business magnate met the girl who would become his wife. The family fled to Montreal and Kheng Ly began working long hours at a series of minimum wage jobs.

Montreal Became a Launching Pad for Success

Even at the young age of 17, Kheng Ly was driven to begin his first business, a textile company. However, he soon realized the possibilities available in real estate and began investing. Within a few years, he had gained the experience to take on several development projects. With a new team and several projects under his belt, the business leader formed the Brivia Group. The company went on to spearhead development of Montreal’s dazzling YUL condominium project, located in the heart of the city’s most prestigious business, entertainment, and shopping center.

Strong Principles Guide Continued Progress

As head of Brivia Group, Kheng Ly is noted as much for his principles as his vision and hard work. He has been recognized for his philanthropy and contributions to the community. His leadership style includes a commitment to transparency, honesty, perseverance, and resilience. His projects are celebrated for their quality and elegance.

Some of the most beautiful building projects in predominantly French Montreal are being constructed by a respected Asian-owned development company. The Brivia Group, led by Cambodian-born Kheng Ly, is responsible for a series of dazzling condominium communities.

Important Considerations to Make When Buying an Apartment Building

Becoming an investor can be a very stressful process. Most people are apprehensive when it comes to putting their money into investments that may not turn a profit for a few years. While being a successful investor will take some patience, it is worth the energy an individual invests.

One of the best investments for a person to make when trying to generate a steady source of income is an apartment building. In most cases, a person will have a number of different buildings to choose from in their area. Read below to find out about the considerations that need to be made when choosing an apartment building to purchase.

The Location is Definitely Important

Working with a real estate agent is one of the best ways to find out about all of the apartment buildings for sale in an area. As a person starts to look at the various buildings on the market, they need to focus on where it is located. If an investor is new to the area, they need to ask the real estate agent helping them about the location in question.

Ideally, an investor will want to choose a building that is close to shopping and great schools. While a building in a prime location may cost more, it will also be far more profitable in the long run.

Is The Property in Good Shape?

Another important factor to consider before buying an apartment building is how well-maintained it is. In some cases, a building that is poorly maintained may be for sale for a very reasonable price. Instead of taking on the headache of a fixer-upper apartment building, an investor needs to find a building that is already in good shape.

By taking the time to tour each of the apartment buildings for sale in an area, a person can figure out which one is the best fit for their needs. An experienced real estate agent can provide an investor with the guidance they need.

In some instances, an investor may want to build an apartment building from scratch. Be sure to check out the Pinterest Page for Kheng Ly for more information about his real estate development firm.

Make Sure You’ll Discover The Best Property For Your Small Business

Obtaining the best property for a business may be difficult due to everything that needs to be taken into consideration. Companies searching for a larger office space would want to remember they will need to have room for each of the staff and also for management meetings and also whatever else they need during a typical week. Corporations that are looking for MN commercial real estate for lease should think about what they will really want before they’ll begin looking at the properties offered now.

Company owners nowadays need to make sure they have plenty of space for every thing they have to have today and also in the future. Nevertheless, they won’t desire to lease a building that is too large, as this might wind up costing them more cash over time. Instead, they will need to consider precisely how much room they need to have for workers to be comfy along with the size of the conference room they’re going to need. Next, they ought to add on a little extra space to be able to support brand new staff members as the small business grows. With lots of commercial real estate for rent today, they ought to be in a position to discover what they will require.

Companies can next consider exactly where they’ll need to be located, since this is actually vital for a lot of corporations now. They ought to make sure they’re near where their own staff members are located to be able to steer clear of escalating commute times drastically. If perhaps they’re going to have clients visiting frequently, they ought to be sure they are centrally located so clients could uncover them easily. They could want to ensure they are located near to public transport in addition to look for Minnesota commercial real estate situated close to restaurants and also additional places so they ensure they will have everything they could have to have close by.

If you might be all set to get started looking for a brand-new property in order to purchase, make certain you’ll consider what you need within the building along with where it must be positioned. This will help you find the proper property as swiftly as is feasible. If you happen to be wanting to get started looking at the properties that are offered right now, check out JGM Properties commercial real estate right now.

Ensure You Locate The Right Real Estate For Your Company

Obtaining the right real estate property for a business might be hard as a result of everything that has to be thought about. Organizations searching for a much larger workplace would want to remember they will need space for each of the employees and also for conferences and anything else they’ll need to have throughout a typical week. Organizations who’re looking for MN commercial real estate for lease should look into what they will need before they will begin considering some of the properties accessible now.

Businesses these days need to make sure they will have a lot of space or room for everything they need today and also in the future. Nonetheless, they won’t wish to lease a building that is too massive, as this might wind up costing them more cash over time. As an alternative, they are going to wish to consider just how much room they have to have for employees to be comfy as well as the size of the conference room they are going to need. Next, they need to add on a little extra space to support brand new employees as the company grows. With lots of commercial real estate for rent right now, they really should be in a position to uncover precisely what they require.

Corporations can next think of exactly where they’ll desire to be located, as this will be essential for many companies now. They should be sure they may be near to where their own staff are located to steer clear of increasing commute times tremendously. In case they’re going to have clients visiting often, they ought to ensure they’re centrally located so clients can find them easily. They might desire to ensure they’re located near public transportation as well as seek out Minnesota commercial real estate situated in close proximity to dining establishments and also various other places so they’ll make sure they have everything they may need close by.

If perhaps you might be ready to start trying to find a brand new property in order to acquire, be sure you will contemplate just what you’ll need within the building as well as where it should be located. This can help you to uncover the correct property as rapidly as is feasible. In case you happen to be all set to begin looking at the properties that are available now, check out JGM Properties commercial real estate right now.

5 Warning Signs Your Home Needs Garage Door Repair

A garage door is meant to last up to twelve years before it will need garage door repair. When performance issues begin to arise, seeking garage door repair right away is important. Being aware of the signs to look for helps individuals to be able to seek the professionals as soon as possible so their repair issues will not continue to rise.

Signs Of Garage Door Problems

There are a few different signs that can begin to occur when a garage door is in need of repair. The following are the signs homeowners should never ignore with their garage door.

  • When the garage door does not open or close at all, this is a sign that should not be ignored. Garage doors should immediately open or close when the buttons are pressed. If there is no response, repairs need to be carried out.
  • If the garage door runs but does so much slower than usual, it likely needs to be checked. A garage door that is moving much slower needs to be addressed to determine the problem.
  • When the garage doors are uneven and moving unevenly, this is an issue that needs to be addressed right away. When the doors are coming off the track, they can cause serious injuries and damages.
  • Sometimes, the garage doors will begin to shake as they are opening. This is a sign of problems in the linkage and needs to be repaired right away. Waiting too long to seek repairs could pose dangers.
  • Eventually, the garage doors can fall completely off the tracks. This usually only happens after many of the other signs have been ignored. Ignoring the signs of problems with a garage door only causes them to worsen over time and become more expensive to handle.

Schedule an Appointment

When any of the above issues are occurring with a garage door, it is important homeowners call the professionals right away. Garage door issues will not improve on their own and they will typically worsen over time. Having a professional carefully inspect the garage doors will allow the problem to be discovered and repaired right away.

Reasons to Hire Pole Barn Builders

Pole barns are affordable and relatively quick to install, but that doesn’t mean just any property owner should take on a pole barn building project. They may be easier to install than traditional barns, but that doesn’t mean a DIY pole barn project will be simple to complete. Read on to find out why it’s always a better idea for property owners who don’t have experience building from scratch to work with experienced Pole Barn Builders.

Personal Safety

Building a pole barn without the right tools, experience, and safety equipment is dangerous. Professional contractors who specialize in pole barn construction know how to work efficiently without compromising their personal safety, and they’ve been trained to use all the necessary tools and equipment. The average property owner risks personal injury if he or she takes on this project alone.

Spatial Awareness

Poor spatial awareness and incorrect math are two of the most common reasons that property owners who buy pole barn kits and install them without help wind up with sub-par finished products. The dimensions of pole barns must be exact, and the building site must be prepared to meet unique specifications. Companies that specialize in pole barn construction know just how to prepare the site and how to measure everything correctly to ensure the structure goes up smoothly.

Access to High-Quality Materials

Professional builders have contracts with suppliers who will give them discounts on high-quality materials. The average property owner doesn’t even know how to distinguish quality materials from junk wood, and even those that do won’t be able to get contractor discounts. Access to high-quality materials that will stand up to the elements will allow property owners to save money in the long run on maintenance and repairs.

Professional Results

The only way to guarantee professional results is to hire a professional. When they work with teams of experienced contractors, property owners can expect a quality building at a reasonable price and all the work will be completed for them. They won’t even have to worry about cleaning up after the project has been completed since professional builders will include project cleanup costs in their quotes.

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