Month: September 2017

Business loans women

There has been a significant increase in women entrepreneurs over the last decade and many of these women are looking to expand their small business and develop significantly larger companies. The internet has contributed to this growth by making it easier to start a small business. There has also been a dramatic rise in women attending college and this has also fueled the growth in women owned small businesses. Now that women have established entry into the small business world the issue arising is how do they get to the next level.
It goes without saying that more and more attention needs to be given to business loans for women. According to the Small Business Administration the “The U.S. government does not currently provide grants for…expanding a small business”. There is also a significant tightening by banks to provide small business loans for women because of the struggling economy. It is apparent that if women owned small businesses are going to get to that next level they will require the type of business financing and resources that are available to larger companies.
Although the government’s SBA programs are not a resource for small business loans for women already in business, and banks are so selective, there are resources entering the market to satisfy the growing demand for women business loans. Many of these lenders are small businesses themselves, but they are willing to take the financial risk on women in business, a risk that banks and government programs have yet to address. Many of these lenders publish all of their information and applications online and it can all be accessed with a few simple searches. Many of these lenders for small businesses offer a variety of business loans with varying terms and requirements.
One of the most popular financing options for small businesses is what is known as a merchant cash advance or business cash advance. There are no restrictions on whether a company is owned by a man or woman, but what makes it attractive is this type of small business loan has very flexible credit requirements and has a very short application process. More and more women are beginning to take advantage of this financial product to grow their companies and as the information and availability of small business loans for women disseminates the more women will apply.
What will contribute to the success of women small business owners is providing good information and resources on business financing. It is important for women to know that the small business administration and government are not a viable resources for expanding a business. There is a myth out there that so many types of business loans are available for minorities or women in general when in fact that many of those resources do not exist for women already in business. The more women know about business loans and the different options available, the more likely they will succeed when their business requires that ever critical boost during tough business cycles.
As far as resources go, there needs to be a continuation of growth in providers of business loans for women. The internet has been contributing to the initial spike in this industry because it makes it time and cost effective to apply for a small business loan online, but in order for that growth to continue women need to know where and how to apply and submit more applications. As the industry grows and more business loans for women are provided, the more it becomes attractive to lenders and the more female entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to fund their business ventures.
It is great to see a lot more female entrepreneurs and women owned small businesses. In fact, there is a very good possibility that if more small business loans are for women are made available that these small businesses will become large companies. In order for this positive trend to continue in the advancement of women more information and resources needs to be provided on business loans for women.

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